A Simple Guide on How to Look Stylish in Monsoon

It's really hard to decide what to wear and what not to throughout the monsoons because it is imperative to be on the lookout for the weather before styling yourself for the day. Monsoons bring a lot of downpour due to the weather turns humid along with the streets collect a lot of water and dirt. But on the flip side, monsoon is a heartwarming and happy season also where you could experiment a lot to appear inevitably admirable and fashionable. Let us proceed to find out more about how to quintessentially fashion yourself in monsoon. 

Look Stylish in Monsoon
Look Stylish in Monsoon

1. What Colors To Wear In Monsoon?

Strong dark colors would be the perfect response - One ought to go for solid colors because monsoon can bring the downpour everywhere and everywhere. For such instance, a good color top or shirt functions just fine even if you end up getting drenched from the rain because it conserves your garments giving a clear effect. We can say it's the season to fall the pastels as you have gone beyond the basic summer stage and it's about time you opt for dark colors.


Try going for colors like dark purple, the dark blue, maroon because of those shades turn out to be pretty soothing in regards to Monsoon wear select.


2. Maintain The Color White Out Of Your Favorite


Who enjoys getting any of the white pieces of clothing dampened with dirt and drenched done in the water? NOBODY and we get it. You've got to avoid white this season to save yourself favorite clothing as nothing can save them from unpredictable weather. Do not wear white color clothes in monsoon.


3. What Fabrics To Wear?


Monsoon comes with an exceptional quantity of humidity in the atmosphere, making it difficult to choose the cloth to wear in this season. Thus, when considering the same you ought to look up for the fabrics that dry up quickly and do not keep you damp in water for a long time. This can cause lots of problems regarding bacterial infections due to acid water.


Cotton is the greatest fabric that you should recognize best for monsoon. Cotton is soft, light, and easily absorbs water and dry up in no time keeps you cool since it produces a perfect stream of air in and out using its efficient fabric. Other preferable fabrics could be Denim, rayon, crepe, etc.


4. A Huge No To Skin Tight Bottom Wear


It's a nightmare to put on a skinny bottom during monsoons. Imagine getting fully drenched in the rains while sporting a pair of skinny fit jeans or lengthy trousers/jeans - Nightmare, is not it? Nobody likes to wear clingy jeans throughout monsoons as the cloth sticks to your skin and makes you extremely uncomfortable and unhygienic. So consult with this stage above wear light fabrics that don't stick to your skin and dry quickly.


5. Footwear Essentials


One should certainly think twice about the footwear they intend to wear for the monsoon season as they've got to have a good grip and are not likely to slip easily. Consider wearing waterproof leather, floaters, or strappy sandals for a comfy and study wear to eliminate this tormenting rainy season.


6. Essentials You Have To Take


Your handbag is imperfect without these necessities which will save you out of this gloomy weather. Firstly, an Umbrella, a cologne to save you from bad odor, a waterproof pouch to keep your mobile secure, and a sanitizer to keep you apart from all of the dirt.


7. What To Wear


Enough of telling you – what to avoid, let's talk about what to use this monsoon to keep up with the trends and look stylish. It is time to choose your dresses, shorts, and all breezy clothes out as nothing can beat the monsoons as they do. Like,


Wear crop shirts as they are super breezy and perfect for rainy seasons.

Wear cropped pants rather than the long length ones to save the nightmare of them becoming dirty from the edges.

Go for midi skirts for a gorgeous look and slay in monsoons Too.

Wear breezy clothes that don't stick to your skin as it contributes to getting fungal/bacterial disease when rainwater sticks into your skin.


8. The Right Accessories You've Got To Have This Season


Let us gather up the important accessories to stack up this rainy season - firstly, a pretty looking headband to help save you from a bad hair day. It's perfect to save you from appearing all messy and provides a cleaner appearance.


Take a waterproof bag for starters too to save your important files and other items. An individual can also carry elaborate light scarves to save themselves out of any transparency if needed.

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