Tips to Run Powerful Google Adwords Campaign While Festive Season

While the holiday shopping fever might sound exciting to some normal shopper, it is a frustrating and challenging time for any marketer. As a marketer, it's never too early to begin planning advertising campaigns having an eye on the holidays. However, should you end up racing against time hoping to leverage the holiday fever, these sure-fire Google ad words campaign ideas will bring great success in no time.You should also run campaign on social media and engage your audience on social media

Google Adwords Campaign
Google Adwords Campaign

Keyword research holds the key

Keywords play a significant role in determining the success or failure of your Google Ad words campaign. Targeting the same keywords every holiday season is certainly not going to take you places and it will not work all the time. Although there are certain business-specific core terms that you will need to utilize, however, using keywords that are in trend (Google Trends), a figure high on seasonal searches, and those that may scale up the sales will probably be beneficial.


Understand your competitor


While understanding your company and your marketing strategy is essential, it is also recommended that you try and capture the heart of your competitor's effort as well. As soon as you have bid and pocketed some fine 'click-worthy' keywords for this festive season, it is time you looked at the keywords and phrases your competition is relying on. There are several free (and legal!) tools out there that provide you with a list of all of the keywords your competitor is using, historical advertising information, and ROI amongst others. Decide on those keywords that are related to your business and return to work.


Keep an eye on ad copy


Keywords as such can't grant you success if you don't invest in getting a great, sales-worthy ad copy ready specifically for your festive season. Writing a unique advertisement copy is hugely significant and it's easier said than done. There are a few finer things that are sure to assist you. Including information on sales and discounts together with seasonal messaging helps clients understand that your ads are for the present festive season. Make sure your ads create a sense of urgency in your shoppers. Urge clients to click by including time-sensitive offers, sales countdowns, free delivery, coupons, and dime-worthy discounts. Needless to state, prepare a brand new, unique, and convincing copy instead of dusting out the older one.


Make your landing pages worth the time


Having a fantastic keyword embedded into a compelling ad copy, your potential customer doesn't have any option but to click on your advertisement. It's true, you've done it! However, our profit goes north just if every click is converted into a sale. If you are an advertising newbie, your prospective client would have landed on your homepage wondering exactly what to do next. Your landing page is not the ideal destination for your advertisement. It may be enlightening, but does nothing to compel your potential buyers into loyal clients. It is always a good idea to make a dedicated landing page that manages to satisfy all the claims made in the ad copy. A fantastic landing page has an eye-catching and appropriate headline that reiterates the promise made in the ad. Make sure that you include information regarding your products, provide offer details, and reveal social authenticity.


Sharpen your ad extensions ability right away


Though most marketers use ad extensions, there continue to be a few of those who don't take full advantage of its features. Get the best use of ad extensions by exhibiting useful content that is interactive, shares more info succinctly, and brings customers in a variety of ways. Be certain you have site link extensions that have a holiday- special terminology and proper landing pages. Provide location extensions, call extensions with accurate telephone numbers with a clickable button, and review extensions that help convince customers about your services and products.


Shopping ad campaigns may be all you will need


Shopping advertising campaigns or Product listings -- call it what you might -- ought to be a core component of your marketing plan for festive seasons. Shopping ad campaigns are highly effective and most used during festive seasons once the competition is high. All these are great according to clients since they provide the perfect information without the hassles of clicking links. Take advantage of real images of your products, rather than inventory images, for better conversion.


Finally, Re-marketing will tip the balance


Yes, remarketing could really tip the balance in your favor. Imagine spending all the time and money on launching paid campaigns for one shot at sales. It's not a risk worth taking. Shoppers look at various sites before buying the product simply because they want a much better deal and better product. Remarketing helps you capture all the traffic which you thought you lost on your site by simply putting your ads on different sites.

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