Google Removes Social Media App from Play Store "Free Speech", Parler

Google has suspended "free speech" social network Parler out of its Play Store on its failure to remove "egregious content".

Parler fashions itself as "impartial" social media and has proved popular with individuals banned from Twitter.


However, Google said the app had neglected to remove posts inciting violence.

Apple has also warned Parler it'll eliminate the program from the App Store if it doesn't comply with its content-moderation requirements.


Google has suspended Parler, a popular social networking app among fans of President Donald Trump out of its Google Play shop.


Google Removes from Play Store "Parler"


  • Parler, a popular social networking choice among right-wing conservatives was suspended by Google after riots in Washington D.C.
  • Even though the app is no longer available on Play Store, Parler will not be removed from customers' phones.
  • Parler's chief executive has termed the move as, "Politically motivated by authoritarians who hate free speech!"

The decision to suspend Parler came on Friday, two days following a pro-Trump mob stormed the US Capitol Building. It also followed Twitter's decision Friday to forever prohibit President Trump's account over the risk of further violence.


Launched in 2018, Parler has established mainly popular amongst supporters of US President Donald Trump and right-wing conservatives. Such groups have accused Twitter and Facebook of censoring their perspectives.


Although the app is no longer accessible on Play Store, Parler will not be removed from users' cell phones, and it's available to set up from additional Android-based app stores.


In a statement to the press, Google said it Aims to safeguard user safety: "Our longstanding policies demand that apps displaying user-generated content have moderation policies and enforcement that eliminates egregious content such as posts that incite violence. All programmers agree to these terms and we have reminded Parler of the crystal clear policy in recent months. We are aware of continued posting from the Parler app that strives to incite ongoing violence in America."


Apple has also warned Parler it will eliminate the app from the App Store if it doesn't comply with its own content-moderation requirements.


On Parler, the app's chief manager John Matze stated: "We will not cave into politically motivated organizations and those authoritarians who despise free speech!"


Even though Mr. Trump himself is not a user, the platform already features several high-profile subscribers after earlier bursts of growth in 2020.


Over the past week, many have known for together Google and Apple to ban Parler. It's been alleged it isn't just employed by President Trump's most fanatic fans but also right-wing white extremists in America. You will find wide-spread concerns that some recent content shared on the platform played a role in organizing and further inflaming the recent Capitol riot that left five dead like a police officer.


Analysis: Necessary or draconian actions?


For months, Parler has been one of the most popular social media platforms for right-handed users.


As major platforms started needing action against viral conspiracy ideas, disinformation, and the harassment of elected leaders and workers as the result of the US presidential election, the application became more popular with elements of their fringe far-right.


This turned the system into a right-wing echo chamber, almost entirely populated by users fixated on revealing examples of election fraud and posting messages in support of efforts to overturn the election outcome.


In the days past the Capitol riots, the tone of discussion on the app became considerably more violent, with a few users openly discussing ways to stop the certificate of Joe Biden's victory by Congress.


Unsupported accusations and abusive statements against plenty of senior US figures such as Chief Justice John Roberts and Vice-President Mike Pence were great on the app.

Google and Apple say they are taking necessary action to ensure violent rhetoric isn't promoted on their platforms.


But, to those more concerned regarding the independence of expression and speech on online networking sites, it describes a different case of draconian efforts by major tech companies that threatens internet freedom.


This is a discussion that is assured to remain beyond the Trump presidency.


Buzzfeed News reported Friday that Apple had also contacted the social network, threatening to prohibit Parler unless it includes a "complete moderation plan". It has 24 hours to fulfill. Apple hasn't yet commented publicly on the situation.


It stated it should see "allegations that the Parler app was used to plan, correlative, and help" the attacks on the US Capitol on 6 January.


Mr. Matze stated Parler had "no way to organize anything" and pointed out that Facebook groups and events had been used to perform an action.

But Apple announced: "Our study has found that Parler isn't completely moderating and rejecting content that encourages unlawful activity and acts a severe threat to the wellbeing and security of users in right violation of your terms of service."


"We won't share apps that sponsor hazardous and harmful content."

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